The Official League for High School lacrosse in the state of Arizona.

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The Arizona Lacrosse League was formed with the intent of being an interscholastic lacrosse governing body following the same spirit as the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) and similar entities.  The league at its inception voted on the acceptable boundaries and player eligibility rules and guidance.  These rules have and will be revised as new programs form around the state to ensure fair play and the opportunity for competitive balance. This is in keeping with customary practices of virtually all interscholastic athletic organizations that oversee competitions, including both the precursors to the Arizona Lacrosse League and across the country in lacrosse and other sports.

Specific program boundaries for high schools, rule changes, and bylaws can be found under the appropriate sections of the league website. If the player is eligible to compete based on AIA rules, generally he is eligible under league rules. Special circumstances (e.g. a player graduating early from high school) that are not dealt with in the rules or bylaws should be directed to the league.

The rules state:
(a) A player must play for the team or club [Participating Organization] that (i) the school he attends identifies as being affiliated exclusively with that school, or (ii) the team or club that identifies itself as being affiliated exclusively with the school he attends, provided such a team or club exists. 

(b) In all other cases, the player shall play for the team affiliated with the high school geographically closest to the high school within the district of the player’s residence.  The player may choose to play for the team affiliated with the high school geographically closest to the player’s residence; the player’s decision must be made prior to the Date of Exclusivity.  A player attending a private school or charter school, or who is exclusively home-schooled, shall play for the team assigned the boundaries within which his residence is located.

[Note: players that attend a school sponsoring lacrosse as a varsity sport generally fall under (i), while clubs fall under section (ii)]

Applications to switch teams based on a perceived lack of ability or personality conflict with the current coaching staff will be not be considered unless there is a formal request to investigate a violation of league rules by the coach.  The ALL wants to ensure that all parents and parent organizations put the well-being and safety of their children participating in the ALL first in their priorities.  Each organization is responsible for the conduct and vetting of the coaches they hire.  The Participating Organizations are responsible for ensuring that coaches have acceptable references and undergone background checks, and attests to this when they register with the ALL.

While the ALL wants to ensure that every player wanting to play has the ability to do so, that does not mean that players may choose to play for any team they desire.  If parents feel strongly enough to want their child to play for a specific program then the option exists to enroll in the school that is associated with the organization for which they wish to play.

Any team found in violation of these rules will be subject to game forfeiture for any game in which the player participated (participation is defined as the coach certifying the player as league-eligible during pre-game certification to the officials assigned by the ALOA) and may additionally result in the team being declared ineligible for post season events and All-Star or All-State consideration or selection. If a player provides false information on their application and registration to the league, the Participating Organization will be held responsible.